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How to Improve WordPress Security ?

We know as a matter of fact that having your site hacked is not fun. That is the reason, here at Universal WebTech, we consider security important. In accordance with our genuine way to deal with security, our items are…

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Web Design and Development Company in Ahmedabad

We are one of India’s driving IT Company situated in Ahmedabad with wide abilities and a significant notoriety constructed over last few years. We provide Website designing, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization Solutions, Media and Advertising, IT Training, 3D Architecture…

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How to transfer your Drupal website from windows server to linux server

1. Copy source from one server to another server. 2. Export Database from windows server and Import to linux server databse. 3. Change database connection string in setting.php 4. Trunclate all cache table. 5. Registry Rebuild ( This is last…

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