How to import large Database in phpmyadmin xampp

When you work in your local system you may face problem while uploading large database.

When you face such problem you can apply below solution for it.

By default Xampp have database import limit as 2MB. So if you want to upload database which have size more then 2MB at that time you need to increase database max upload size. Below are the steps how to increase database max upload size.

Increase Database import size from php.ini file.

Here are the steps how we can increase database import size.

=> Go to xampp/php/
=> Find file php.ini
=> Edit php.ini and find for upload_max_filesize ( you will find it near line no:922).
=> Update value as per your requirement.
=> Save file
=> Restart your xampp server and mysql
=> Now open phpmyadmin and now you are able to upload file more then 2MB.

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